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Yellow Jackets/Hornets

There is nothing worse than stumbling upon a yellow jacket nest while you are trying to enjoy the last few months of summer. Unfortunately, that is always a possibility once the months of July and August hit. The best way to stay safe is to stay informed and know what to look for. Down below are 3 examples of yellow jacket nests including pictures or video. The first is an exposed hive/nest which is easy to spot and usually found on a tree or the overhang of a house. The 2nd is a yellow jacket ground nest at which the nest is buried underground but there is an entrance/exit hole at the top of the soil. Third is a yellow jacket nest built into a wall void in your home. The nest is not exposed but you can see constant activity coming in and going out of a particular spot on the home (as shown in the video).

*If you are seeing anything like the examples below at your home let the Discount team handle it at (586) 6970-BUG.

Bee's, yellow jacket nest.

Aerial Yellow Jacket Nest

Yellow Jacket- Ground Nest

Yellow Jackets In a Wall Void

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