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Discount Pest Control of St. Clair and Macomb County is a pest control service with exceptional local knowledge. We pride ourselves on our customer relations and experience working with the community. It is a privilege to protect the residences and commercial buildings in our area and we look forward to continuing this service for many years to come. Pest control is an integral part of modern living. Nature is a thing of beauty but lets keep the insects outside.

Common services include; spider/wasp home sprays, mosquitoes, ants, bees, fleas, ticks, hornet’s and more. If you have a pest that doesn't fall on this list, please feel free to contact us. If we cannot help you, we will find someone that can. Our operation is state certified and fully licensed/insured.


Discount Pest Control promises the highest quality of service at the lowest price! Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!



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