Lowest Prices & Guaranteed Results!

        Discount Pest Control of St. Clair and Macomb County is an affordable pest control service offering comprehensive treatment plans to rid you of your insect problem. Our goal is to pass on incredible savings to our customers by cutting through the fluff and focusing on guaranteed effective services. Pest control is a necessary part of modern living. It ensures that your family’s health and happiness is not compromised by unwanted guests. Our pest control experts will quickly diagnose any infestation and provide you with a workable plan for success that won't break the bank.

        The first step in the process is knowing thy enemy. Pests come in all shapes/sizes and can cause serious damage to your home if infested. From the moment we step onto your property our state certified technicians will begin analyzing the premises and begin formulating an effective IPM (insect pest management) strategy to eliminate unwanted pests. This may include the removal or relocation of pest harborages or the use of the correct insecticides to eliminate the problem. It is a comprehensive service that has worked time and time again. Allow us to prove it to you!

        Remember, preventative care is the best approach to protecting your home. The hidden costs of an infestation far outweigh regular pest control services. A spring and fall exterior home spray is the best place to start for general maintenance. With years of experience and knowledge under our belt, we are confident our services will get you the results you are looking for. We want your home to be bug free all the while keeping the lowest prices in the industry!